Bobana M. AndjelkovicAfter televised addressing to the public on August 7th of Mr Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah, there are some questions, even more accurate and unavoidable. Mr Nasrallah’s speech was calming and reasonable, aiming to unite the people and country’s administration from various political clans in order for all to achieve two main goals at the moment: to take care of injured and displaced and of damage in the city and to conduct thorough investigation, in order to establish all the details connected to the Tuesday demolition of Beirut Port and Beirut itself.  

What Are The Odds…?

 What are the odds that there was a blast in Beirut Port in the range of tactical nuke and a large fire breaks inside Iranian industrial area of Bardis (Northeastern Iran) within almost 24 hours time? What are the odds that Beirut Port blast happened on almost 75th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and it is now listed as a third most powerful, right after Hiroshima and Nagasaki? What are the odds that Beirut Port blast happened just a few days after Iran and China signed a long term deal and West Point mafia moron, Pompeo, announced that agreement would destabilize the region? What are the odds that only a few days before the blast, Jewish criminal, Netanyahu, announced Israel will leave Hezbollah alone? What are the odds that Israeli ‘military’ (although ‘Israeli military’ is an oxymoron) had “airborne drills” in the days before the explosion? Whаt are the odds that the Beirut blast happened just two days before the verdict for assassination of PM Rafik Hariri in 2005? What are the odds that both Lebanese and Iranian maritime spots were targeted in the period when China slowly overtakes port by port in the Mediterranean region (Haifa, Thessaloniki, Piraeus, etc)?  


 Why Western globalist media and their world wide pawns hurried to accuse Hezbollah of having the weapons stored in the Beirut port? Why other, non-globalist media, hurried up even more to say something about that, either to dismiss it or not, but they helped reporting that stupidity, anyway? Why UN Secretary General, Guterres, by demand of ‘Israel’ and USA, misused his post and UN website for asking Lebanon to disarm Hezbollah, legitimate political and military group in Lebanon – all that a few days prior to Beirut Port explosions? Why Western banks gang minion and so-called-president of France, Macron, hurried to Lebanon if not to take advantage of the catastrophe on the behalf of Western banking mafia? Why there is a petition by Avaaz to bring back France to recolonize Lebanon and whose insane idea that would be? Why Google misinterprets Farsi word “condolences” to English “congratulations” connected to Beirut demolition? Why nobody has asked for 2,750 tons of Ammonium Nitrate since 2013? Whose ship it was, if abandoned with the cargo of dangerous materials? For whom were aimed to, the dangerous materials? For terrorists in Syria or to terrorists in Mozambique? Why many of God’s chosen psychopaths cheered and celebrated after the demolition of Beirut? Was it because of launching Gabriel anti-ship missile for the first explosion and after that Delilah missile from F16 for the second – was that “the fireworks” they were cheering about? 

No, there is nothing by accident and by chance. Celestial mechanics proves that. And God’s chosen psychopaths are always the answer to every question of evil in today’s world. Accompanied by Western declining countries, colonial or neocolonial ex-powers. 

Beirut Port Blast (Explosions)

 Although Western declining countries and their Zionist friends/cousins now want to present themselves as human beings by offering help to Lebanon and sending heartbreaking messages which are full of empty phrases, their hypocrisy and new colonial attempts can not be hidden. It is more than hypocrisy that ‘Israelis’ now offer help, their hospitals, their doctors. Is there any of sane Lebanese who would dare to be “helped” in Israel, having in mind that this evil entity is a safe house for terrorists, pedophiles, various officials of various countries who performed some wrongdoings in their countries and ran away. Who would go to ‘Israeli’ hospital?! Lebanese people are not fools. Hezbollah is not a fool. This is an event which goes far beyond local political misunderstandings. Lebanese President Aoun did not exclude missile attack. He also demanded satellite recordings from moron Macron and if he did not want to give them, Lebanese president announced to address to other parties. The orders have been already given to arrest all the Beirut Port officials who’ve been in charge since 2013. Lebanese authorities also alarmed Interpol about the owner of the abandoned ship which came to Beirut port in 2013 from Georgia, under Moldovan flag. It appears that Cypriot authorities located the owner in Cyprus and interrogated him. It is 43-year-old ‘businessman’, Igor Grechushkin, of Jewish origin. Since Jews always hide behind other nationalities names, Western affiliated media say he is Russian. They would like him to be Russian. But, he is not, he is a Jew. Cypriot authorities already passed the info to Lebanese authorities about this individual. It also appears that contradicting info on the boat appeared: while some sources say it entered the Beirut Port due to some malfunctions, the other say it entered Beirut Port to pick up some cargo for Jordan, for extra cash. But the boat was left and abandoned from 2013 to 2018, when it sank. But, it also happened that certain radar images of some unusual patrols and reconnaissance operations of four US Navy spy planes on the Lebanon-Syria coastline were released. The possibility of joint ‘Israeli’-US sabotage is not excluded. 

The behaviour of Western banking gang minion, Macron, is more than disgraceful. In the midst of suffer and catastrophe, he dared to visit Lebanon and deliver a list of demands in a form of ultimatum to the Lebanese President Aoun. Actually, if Western countries administrations allied with sick bankers are not capable of confronting The Resistance as men, soldiers or, at least as decent humans, they will misuse catastrophe, suffering, sorrow, to gain some bucks more. Not to mention that those green papers are losing value on a daily basis. It is worth mentioning here that Lebanese businesses, a while ago, stopped using credit cards as a means of payment, because of imposed sanctions and possibility that banks will not transfer the money for the businesses or purchases done. Lebanese lira is down even more and around 85% of entire amount of grains for Lebanese people were destroyed in the explosions on August 4th . 

BBC, the talking head of deranged English quasi-elite and fake British royals, known by many wrongdoings and evil, points out that Lebanon can count on some short term “packages of help” (which is euphemism for  financial help accompanied by blackmail, by those greedy and arrogant bastards). But on the long run, BBC says, Lebanon can not expect some huge help unless it goes in line with Western financial conditions – which also matches with the ultimatum delivered to Lebanese President Aoun, by silly human caricature, Emmanuel Macron. 

There is a saying: “What a smart person is ashamed of, a fool is proud of.” Macron is a fool which in conversation with random people in Beirut streets said to someone: “Your anger is my source of optimism.” How deranged one has to be to say something like that to the person who is obviously angry and desperate with everything what happened. How deranged and sick one has to be in order to use the tragedy of entire people and country on behalf of banking mafia, whose greediness and gang style business plans are ripping off countries world wide. This time, Lebanon, again. One more stupidity of this little ragtag, Macron, was that Lebanon has to stop serving another country. Which ‘another country’? From the perspective of this little ragtag, who turned France into a divided society full of sick minority groups enjoying more rights than majority of French this is normal. For this little ragtag, omega-male it is also normal to humiliate majority of country’s citizens, to serve the Western banking gang instead of citizens, to send French police to another round of ‘perfecting’ its skills in ‘Israel’ in order to become more violent and ruthless. This, so-called-president of France give himself a freedom to visit the destroyed city of Beirut and to act like he came to the place where he is a pop music star. But, he is not. He is nowhere a star. Even not in his own country. 

As media are powerful weapons in nowadays wars, instigated and led by the globalist West, media are one of their pillars. For the West, media are even more important pillar than weapons, since the Western weapons and armies are poor.

This time, Saudi media are bad cops, commanded (from the West) to accuse Hezbollah for storing weapons in the port and to create the background for further pressure on Lebanon about Hezbollah. The Western media were supposed to be good cops, they tried, but they can not achieve that. Packed in senseless reports, they also call on Lebanese authorities to distance from Hezbollah – but are those sickos informed that Hezbollah is also authority in Lebanon? Trump does not know geography and history and silly Macron, trembling Merkel and rotten Elisabeth are trying to distort reality. Hezbollah is originally Lebanese, it takes part in political life, its members are Lebanese, they act on behalf of Lebanese people and country. They are not product of Western idiocracy which produces politicians out of terrorists (UÇK, Daesh, MEK…) and out of morons (Guaido, Macron, May and the rest of Western or pro-Western administrations fools…).

Whatever Saudi or Western media say about Hezbollah, the most trustful to speak about Hezbollah is Hezbollah. Mr Nasrallah said loud and clear in his addressing that no Hezbollah weapons were stored at the Port. And it is not him who is known to the world by deceptions and falsehood. It is rather enemies of Lebanon, who are deceptive, which means they are also enemies of Mr Nasrallah and Hezbollah. 

On the other hand, ‘Israel’ conducted similar kind of bombings of Lebanon, namely Beirut, before and after its invasion in 1982. There was no Hezbollah around, but still, Beirut had bee bombed by ‘Israelis’ in a similar way and they were also very happy and cheerful about their achievements. Now, their appetite is just bigger. 

Lebanon and UN

 The very strange circumstance comes out of the announcement of UN Secretary General, who intends to present a report in next UN Security Council meeting, on Tuesday, August 11th. Guterres says in his report, published in UN website, prior to Beirut Port blast: “I call upon the Government of Lebanon to take all actions necessary to ensure the full implementation of the relevant provisions of the Taif Accords and of resolutions 1559 (2004) and 1680 (2006), which require the disarmament of all armed groups in Lebanon so that there will be no weapons or authority in Lebanon other than those of the Lebanese State.” He says more: “UNIFIL has yet to gain access to all locations north of the Blue Line in relation to the discovery of tunnels crossing the Blue Line in violation of resolution 1701 (2006).” It is extremely interesting that the request to disarm Hezbollah comes from two entities (USA and ‘Israel’) which never, ever complied to any decision or resolution by the UN. USA’s and ‘Israelis’ crimes are endless. Where their request about Hezbollah is derived from?  This request made by cowardish people who have cowardish military do not respect even the laws of the jungle, comes ahead of the UN meeting on proloning UN mission in Lebanon. Guterres mentioned also ‘Israeli military’ which violates Lebanon’s air space on a daily basis: “From 19 February to 16 June, UNIFIL recorded a daily average of 3.7 airspace violations, with 11 daily overflight hours. Unmanned aerial vehicles accounted for approximately 76 percent of the violations. The remaining airspace violations involved fighter aircraft or unidentified aircraft.” This all was uploaded to UN website prior to Beirut Port demolition. 

Speaking of unidentified air crafts, fighter air crafts, drones and other flying objects, various of them were recorded in Lebanese airspace before the Beirut Port blast and they belong to the evil entity of ‘Israel’. While Guterres talks about the ‘Blue Line’, Benny Gantz, one of the main circus clowns in the previous election process of the evil entity, in occupied Palestinian lands, talks about some ‘red lines’, threatening Nasrallah and Hezbollah. He warns (?!) Hezbollah Secretary General about “crossing the red lines”, about “painful response”. If that deranged individual said something sane after the demolition of Beirut, that would be a surprise. 

Did ever something happened in Western Asia, any destruction, mess or war, which was initially not misused by some of the evil clowns in the false state of ‘Israel’. At the same time while they demand the respect of international law or UN resolutions, there is any document, charter, resolution, accord, agreement, which that wild bunch did not break. And it was them who were cheerful the other day, after the Beirut demolition. 

Soros-style Riots in Beirut

 And, now, on Saturday, after the demolition on Tuesday, Beirut faces one more attempt of Soros-style coloured revolution (first after September last year and its continuation in April this year). Soros hired Saudi and USA supported NGOs in Lebanon for riots in Beirut, demanding Lebanese government’s resignation – which goes in line with Macron’s ultimatum from Thursday. Arrogant Western moron, Macron, has been probably expecting that Lebanon fell on its knees after the blast. But, not good estimation. And since ultimatum did not work, there is a next phase: NGOs, hired protesters, paid local organizers, more demolition of Beirut, hoping to get what they want – entire Lebanon, under the French mandate, German command, NATO troops all over country and Western banks doing what they wants with Lebanese resources and wealth. As sources from Lebanon confirmed, in the late afternoon (Saturday), the demonstrations moved to downtown Beirut and are under supervision of riot control police. Policeman was killed. Remotely controlled protester broke got support from USA embassy in Lebanon.

Something like Portland a while ago, or Poland, or Ukraine, or Serbia, or Georgia, or Albania, or Spain, or Egypt, or Libya, or Chile, or Bolivia, or failed attempts in Venezuela, Russia, Iran, Syria, Belarus. 

As the Westerners and Zionists’ gang is losing in the regions of Western Asia and Norther Africa (namely Libya), overtaking Lebanon would be their consolation and encouragement to continue toward Greater Israel plan, toward PNAC and Genie Oil plan, toward overtaking the natural resources and strategic position of Lebanon; toward saving United States from total humiliation and spare its boss across the pond in England and their mutual boss in Vatican from further decline. It is now more than obvious that all the stories about ‘deep state’, low state, righteous Trump, divisions on Democrats and Republicans, Torries and Labour, Christian Democrats and Christian Zionists, Greens or Neocons are futile. It is one wild bunch, deprived from common sense and basic reasoning, ready to nuke the city, two days ahead of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 75th anniversary of nuking, ready to destroy everything and everyone for its sick and deranged goals which can be presented only in numbers – no quality in their plans. Only quantity and numbers. 

As news info from Lebanon say, the wild bunch hires an army of trolls (since its real military is incapable) to spread defeatism and despair on and off line, among Lebanese people and others. Many of of those who cheer for the West in different countries hurried up to believe the jargon of Lebanese despair and ‘power of people’ – they are either naive or they are just the same trolls as those who misinform from the first lines in Beirut. In net wars, this is called: Intention of the Commander. They just have chose a dark side in false liberation riots. But, those poor people are puppets in the hands of other poor people, whose inner void and disturbance are so big, that they can not fill them in even with millions of dollars or pounds, gallons of oil, thousands of square meters of mega houses… They even forgot about their ongoing biological war and psy-ops arranged by corona circus. They only left masks on their faces in order not to be exposed. Now they have new war to run and new trolls to hire for riots and they can not do both. Giving instruction for throwing stones or throwing stones in the city already demolished, a few days ago, almost certainly by a foreign enemy, is not fight for freedom. The mislead Lebanese who, together with foreign nationals spotted (French, Saudis) further destroy own city act on behalf of Western and Zionist wild bunch and are not aware of that, or they are trained not to be. The naked proof is their request to oust Hezbollah from Lebanon – but Hezbollah is Lebanese, how? The request can obviously comes only from outside powers. It is Western and Zionist wild bunch who gives them hidden commands which they obey. Now, the wild bunch needs nuclear mushroom rings in order for coloured revolution to succeed. This is a new phase of neoliberal fascism. The Axis of Resistance should not react any more. Even defensive strategies can be action, not only reactions. It is time to act. The wild bunch is very insane and extremely violent. 

Via https://www.geopolitica.ru/en/article/about-lebanon-there-anyone-not-insane-left-west