MAJOR: Tens Of Thousands Of Quebecois Stage Mass March Against Plandemic Tyranny

MONTREAL – On August 8th, tens of thousands of citizens in Montreal took the streets to protest the draconian and unscientific push towards tyranny under the pretext of public health.

Legacy news outlets controlled by the globalist deep state either failed to cover this event, or gave it a passing mention, despite it being a tremendous outpouring. Such manifestations, given that they have not been promoted or financed by corporatist oligarchs and their fake news media outlets, are a good indicator that tremendously more are, or have now, woken  up.

Thousands of demonstrators marched through downtown Montreal last Saturday to protest against the Quebec government’s mandatory mask regulations.

The protesters — the vast majority of whom did not wear masks — carried signs and wore t-shirts indicating a variety of motivations and ideologies in opposition to face coverings.

Some demanded freedom, some were critical of the Coalition Avenir Québec government, Premier François Legault or public health director Dr. Horacio Arruda, and others espoused various theories about COVID-19 and U.S. politics.

“I find it illogical,” said Nathalie Warren, who travelled from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que. for the protest.

“Say we go into a restaurant,” she said. “We walk in wearing a mask, because, what, COVID is there? Then we sit down and we can take the masks off because, what, the COVID is gone?”

Under the government’s regulations, masks are mandatory in restaurants when clients are moving around because it is harder to maintain a physical distance from others in those instances, provincial health authorities have said. When a client is seated, they may remove their mask as long as they are at a two-metre distance from others.

It is of particular interest that as the globalist plan towards human population reduction, as officially made public in global projects like Agenda 21/2030, people have become activated in opposition. Commentators have characterized this global shift as a ‘great awakening’. In that sense, Bill Gates’ project itself may be considered something of a virus, and humanity’s reaction against it as its immune system response.

While the super-wealthy elite – who have for countless generations hoarded the people’s wealth, land, and resources for themselves – have had too much confidence, they have been assessing the public’s response. They will adapt in the next round, as they plan the so-called ‘second wave’ to ‘catch everyone’s attention’, in the words of Bill Gates.

In the long trajectory of humanity over the last 250,000 years on earth, one is forced to ask questions relating to the cyclical nature of civilization and technology. Given that we only possess some notion of a history of civilization going back some 12 thousand years, it raises the subject of how many times humanity has ‘risen and fallen’, and in which different ways it has done so. In this age, the age of machines where empirical knowledge is the beginning and end of our science, we are asked to look back. How many times in the past quarter million years have psychopathic overlords like Bill Gates and the cabal behind him, used nuclear, computerized, or biological weapons to destroy human civilization?

The outpouring in Montreal, like those seen in England – as organized by StandUp_X – and the million or so who marched in Berlin – are all good signs and something which must be emulated. Our elected leaders must be held to account, and where necessary, tried and convicted for the many unnecessary deaths and economic melt-down caused by their plandemic.