FINAL RESULTS: 80% Of Russians Support Constitutional Amendments Amid Fake MSM Reports On Putin ‘Losing Popularity’

MOSCOW – The new constitutional amendments have been supported by almost 80% (77.92%) of Russian citizens who took part in the nationwide vote, the Central Election Commission (CEC) announced after counting 100% of ballots. According to the election commission, 21.27% of voters were opposed to the amendments, TASS reported. According to the latest data, the turnout was 65%.

The nationwide vote on the constitutional amendments ended in Russia at 21:00 Moscow time on Wednesday. The official voting day under the presidential decree was July 1, but due to the coronavirus situation, the voting period was extended for a week, from June 25 through July 1. Vote counting began in regions after 20:00 local time on July 1, when polling stations closed.

The amendments were to come into force if supported by more than one half of those who took part in the vote. There is no minimum voter turnout. The official Kremlin considers the outcome of the vote on amendments to the Russian Constitution as a triumph, rightfully so, as it the new constitutional amendments will give Russia an unprecedented level of stability and create a long-lasting system.

Most Western mainstream media made negative comments on the vote for the new constitutional amendments.

In weeks and days prior to and during the voting process, which was conducted over the course of several days, there was a flurry of fake news regarding an alleged “drastic fall of support” for President Vladimir Putin. The reality is, however, much different, as seen by the massive turnout, which saw two-thirds of Russian citizens taking part in the ballot, and even greater support for the new amendments.