China & Russia Bombard US With “You Reap What You Sow” Messages Amid Unrest & Instability

Both China and Russia have continued to use the opportunity of the George Floyd protests and unrest on many American city streets to lash out at Washington at a deeply vulnerable moment for US leaders. 

“Who is more like Nazi Germany?” China’s state-run Global Times Editor-in-Chief Hu Xijin tweeted Sunday in response to Pompeo’s likening China’s crackdown on Hong Kong to Nazi Germany’s rapid and brutal WWII push across Europe. 

A follow-up Global Times editorial underscored that the US government response of deploying National Guard troops in some locations to quell protests “have blown the US’ national reputation, uprooting Washington’s moral foundation for blaming other places, including Hong Kong, on human rights.”

Pompeo had made the provocative comparison in a Saturday interview with the conservative Daily Caller.

“The promises that the Chinese Communist Party had made in their treaty with the United Kingdom that they broke when they made the decision to deny Hong Kong people the freedoms that they had been promised were similar to some of the promises that were broken back in the days when Germany advanced against the rest of Europe,” Pompeo said.

GT further attempted to to on the attack and dismantle the statement as follows:

When rioters set Hong Kong on fire, US politicians called that a “beautiful sight to behold,” but when similar incidents swept the US, the same group of politicians decried them as riots that should be quelled. Have Pompeo and his peers realized that their country is using up its resources and chances to play such double-standard tricks?

By smearing China as Nazi Germany, Pompeo clearly revealed Washington’s ideological hysteria. While China has spared no efforts to put COVID-19 under control and saved numerous people, and while the US has exposed flaws in its system that has led to the world’s No.1 infections and top coronavirus death toll, Pompeo’s remarks cannot deceive people from telling which country acts more like the Nazis

Thus the now months-long war of words is centered on not just the coronavirus blame game, but the George Floyd protests, Hong Kong’s status, and which government is more Nazi-like, apparently.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin hasn’t been absent from spotlighting the cracks in US domestic society, with the Russian Foreign Ministry issuing a “you reap what you sow” message to the US and Europe amid continuing mass protests.

“By sowing chaos [abroad], they’ve got chaos at home,” ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova told Rossiya 1 TV channel

“Everything they’ve been embedding into the world’s consciousness – they’re reaping it now,” she added in reference to images of raging unrest on American streets, which has in the past days actually subsided compared to the intensity of a week ago. 

She pointed to Washington’s long history of ‘divide and conquer’ tactics used to destabilize rivals and enemies of the US, which has now come home to roost in a perfect storm of pandemic, economic, and racial instability.

Authored By Tyler Durden Via