CATASTROPHE: Moderna’s Corona Vacc Test Subject Ian Haydon Suffers Major Illness

Ian Haydon was a Moderna Covid19 Vaccine human guinea pig. He was a healthy man and one of 15 people in the high dose group that suffered serious adverse effects leaving him “ sickest in his life “.

“Three of these – a shocking 20% – experienced “serious” adverse events (“AE”) according to Moderna’s press release meaning they required hospitalization or medical intervention.”

CNN’s Sanjay Gupta is complicit in the cover-up.

Gates and Fauci are heavily invested in Moderna. Experts not on Gates’ dole have long said that a Coronavirus vaccine is impossible. – FRN

You know Ian Haydon from his many appearances on CNN and other networks celebrating his heroic act of volunteering to test Moderna’s experimental Covid vaccine. The Sun has now set on Haydon’s television career.

He is no longer useful to the Pharmedia in its incessant promotion of the narratives that all vaccines are always safe for all people,that Moderna’s business partners,Tony Fauci and Bill Gates we’re justified in skipping animal studies and that Moderna’s vaccine will soon rescue us from the Pandemic.

Ian Haydon is now an embarrassment to Fauci & Gates and their CNN cheerleaders. He will therefore vanish into the censorship twilight where all the inconvenient truths about vaccine risks languish in semi darkness. Moderna chose Haydon for the study because of his robust good health.

He was among the 15 volunteers in the high dose group. Within 45 days, three of these-a shocking 20% -experienced “serious” adverse events (“AE”) according to Moderna’s press release meaning they required hospitalization or medical intervention.

Less than 12 hours after vaccination, Hayden suffered muscle aches, vomiting, spiked a 103.2 fever and lost consciousness. His girlfriend caught him as he fell. His Moderna trial supervisor instructed Haydon to call 911 and described him as being the “sickest in his life”. Moderna let Haydon believe the illness was just a sad coincidence unrelated to the jab. Moderna never told Haydon he was suffering an Adverse Event. “Moderna’s press release was the first I learned of the 3 AEs in the high dose group.” Haydon confessed today on Twitter, ”Later a study doc confirmed that what happened to me was an AE.”

While hiding this truth, Moderna encouraged Haydon to appear on TV to deceive the public and it’s shareholders by declaring Moderna’s COVID vaccine trials a smashing success.

On May 7, Haydon told Sanjay Gupta (of CNN) about his reactions in a pre-interview. The 2 men agreed to keep this bad news secret when he went on air. This corrupt deal bespeaks the pathetic state of journalism at CNN.

Fauci and Gates are proceeding with their plan to funnel half a billion taxpayer dollars into their reckless vanity project to create 30 million doses by November and 2 billion within a year manufactured in the US and Switzerland.

By Robert F Kennedy Jr. Via