All That Is Wrong With The US Healthcare System In One $18,415.00 Coronavirus Test

Why did a virus that turns out to be barely worse than the flu after all (especially for those under 65 who are not obese, have diabetes, or heart issues) spark the kind of panicked fearmongering among lobbyist-funded politicians and advertising-based mainstream media?

Jamie McGurk (@jpm25) may have found one important piece of the puzzle. As he tweeted earlier:

“My wife is a healthcare worker and has gotten 3 COVID-19 tests over the last 2 months.

We got the bill for the first one today: $18,415 w/o insurance. “

And here it is in black-and-white…

So what exactly do we see here?

The hospital’s charge of $18,415 for a COVID-19 test is insane!

But CIGNA (the insurance provider) splits its ‘winnings’ from government reimbursements with the hospital.

This smells like the entire engineered chaos of the COVID crisis (and the politicians “Test, Test, Test” mantra) is becoming nothing less than a giant giveaway to insurance companies.

And finally, a $5 test is still costing the patient $100.

Just wait until the government-subsidized mandatory vaccination costs start to filter into insurance company earnings.

…is it any wonder people are rioting in the streets?

Authored By Tyler Durden Via