Trump says Coronavirus will ‘GO AWAY WITHOUT A VACCINE’ – Outrages big-pharma vaccine producers, implies Covid tests unnecessary

Authored by Joaquin Flores Via

 U.S President Donald Trump once again pushed against the Bill Gates financed pandemic expert community and big-pharma vaccine producers, and announced that the novel coronavirus which causes covid-19, would ‘go away without a vaccine‘.

In answering a question from a journalist, Trump responded ‘Well I feel about vaccines like I feel about tests, this is gonna go away without a vaccine’ – inferring perhaps that he felt that the covid-19 tests were also unnecessary.

In a stunning statement, Trump said that he predicts that the coronavirus would ‘go away without a vaccine’ and vowed that America is going to ‘transition to greatness,’ inferring that the economy would begin to return to normal and the lock-down would be lifted.

This statement comes nearly a month after the Surgeon General of the United States, Jerome Adams  announced that the U.S would no longer be following the WHO/CDC ‘projected model’ which they found had grossly inflated the potential deaths – even once considering isolation and quarantine. At that time, Dr. Adams explained that the U.S would soon begin to open up – a policy decision which we are now seeing realized.

It is unknown whether Trump’s announcement was timed to work against the stock value of Moderna Inc., based on Moderna’s announcement on May 8th that the Bill Gates-backed and Dr. Fauci approved vaccine company would soon be entering mid-stage testing on live human subjects. It is widely known that a vaccine for a retrovirus can leave the vaccinated more prone to death or serious illness should they contract a live, mutated strain of the same virus later on.

Moderna’s stock value jumped from about $48 to $55 overnight on May 7th, suggesting insider trading a day before the announcement. It climbed to $59 in the following two days, but began to show signs of faltering after the president’s announcement.

If the president ultimately opposes the mandatory vaccine regimen , then Moderna’s stock value may drop to a pre-May 7th valuation. Bill Gates has spent weeks on television insisting that such a vaccine would be mandatory, despite his lack of a formal education in medicine, epidemiology, or virology. Bill Gates has invested significantly in Moderna Inc., as well as other leading vaccine producing companies, under the rubric of ‘philanthropy’.

The president’s hope inspiring words came as the United States recorded its highest rate of unemployment since the Great Depression. At the same time, a second administration staffer tested positive, and the official number of coronavirus deaths in the United States is claimed by CDC officials at more than 76,000.

However, numerous doctors and hospital staffers have come forward candidly to reveal that numerous hospital administrations had pressured staff and attending physicians to count deaths as covid-19 even where a co-morbidity was present and in fact the primary cause. In rather morbid versions of these accounts, at least one nurse said that the hospitals were engaged in criminal levels of health mismanagement that was causing mortalities over and above that which would otherwise occur as a result of covid-19 infection.

Worse than the alleged 76,000 dead are the real unemployment numbers. It is understood in the expert community that each percent increase of unemployment in the U.S indirectly causes some 37,000 deaths. These are due to a whole array of mental and physical health related issues, as well as nutrition and homelessness. The increase of the unemployment rate due to the projected model of the covid-19 contagion, increased to some 30%. This represented something close to a 900% increase in unemployment, and based on the unemployment-casualty model, would indirectly cause over 1.1 million deaths.

As such, Trump has pushed against those in local governments and in the health expert community to view the problem through that lens: getting the economy started and Americans working again will trend against an estimated 1.1 million deaths that may otherwise be caused by unemployment.

‘This is going to go away without a vaccine. It’s going to go away and we’re not going to see it again,‘ Trump said as he admitted, ‘you may have some flare ups.’

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